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  • iCollege is a Rainbow Flag Award holder

    Published 01/11/22

    Many members of the iCollege community have been working together to achieve the Rainbow Flag Award - contributions have been provided from every avenue of the service. Well done everyone for being a part of this award!

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  • The Rainbow Flag Award

    Published 01/06/22

    iCollege is working towards The Rainbow Flag Award!

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  • OfSTED April 22

    Published 01/06/22

    We now have the final OfSTED report, and it very clearly underlines the fact that iCollege is judged Good in all categories.

    We are pleased to see the way the report started, emphasising the calm, kind and nurturing atmosphere built on warm and trusting relationships with pupils.

    Learners feel safe and are keen to succeed. We are sure that numerous positive comments from parents were collected, alongside helpful feedback from learners, who clearly greatly value the support and encouragement they receive.

    As we know, Ofsted have placed great emphasis on developing the curriculum and the quality of iCollege's is highlighted, being described as well sequenced and ambitious, tailored by setting and building on learners' starting points.

    The iCollege focus on mental health and wellbeing is also recognised.

    The achievement of national qualifications is referenced, alongside the impressive progress of most pupils. 

    Overall, this is a strong Good outcome and is something that iCollege is delighted to be celebrating. 

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  • Newsletters

    Published 22/05/22

    Please find our latest newsletter here.

    Other newsletters can be found in the 'Newsletter' section on this website

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  • Covid News

    Published 01/03/22

    Please contact you child's Lead Teacher if you have any concerns, to see our risk assessment, or to notify us if your child has covid symptoms.

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