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About Independence

Welcome to Independence Year 11 & Post 16

The Independence iCollege is located at Richmond House, Bath Road, Newbury RG14 1QY and provides learners with a complete a curriculum. We are able to provide a balanced curriculum for the majority of learners in small groups and are also able to work with learners who require a more 1:1 support.

Meet the Pastoral staff

Angie Palmer
Lead Teacher


Marie Lacoste
Pastoral TA

Emma Dodridge
Inclusion Manager

On entry Pastoral staff will welcome students to Independence. After an initial interview and tour of the unit, students will be required to complete baseline assessments to allow for teaching at an appropriate level and also to help fill in any gaps in their learning. Our Inclusion Manager will also work with students to assess for any Exam support needs. Students will then be allocated a timetable either Bespoke or in one of 5 main groups.

How to apply

Year 11   Students have to be funded to attend iCollege and so mainstream schools will need to apply via Pupil Placement Panel (PPP) and appropriate funding agreed.

Post 16  Students should have an EHCP to apply using the Post 16 application form which can be downloaded from the website. Students with EHCPs would also need to apply for approval and go via the SEN panel for funding.

Getting to Independence

Year 11   Students more than 3 miles from Independence may be helped with transport in the form of a bus or train pass or a taxi if far from a main public route. Transported pupils will need to be ready for 8am or 1 hour prior to arrival time at Independence and drivers will only wait for 3 mins before leaving to avoid other students in the same vehicle being late for school. The West Berkshire Home to School transport policy and appeals information can be found on

Post 16   EHCP Post 16 students may apply for transport if more than 3 miles away but currently contribute £804 a year to the scheme. More information can be found on the West Berkshire Council- School Transport website.