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Bookable Adviza Meetings

Bookable Adviza Days

iCollege commission Adviza Careers Advice and Guidance to provide independent careers support to students and their parents (to allow them to understand the options available to their young people). 

Support meetings are available in person at Independence, or at an agreed location, or using Microsoft Teams or phone. 

Adviza Careers Days

We can offer bookable careers meetings on the following days: 

2nd February

21st February

1st March

13th March

22nd March

19th April

10th May

24th May

28th June

19th July

22nd August (GCSE results day)

Our qualified advisers will be able to offer support and information in the following areas: 

  • careers advice
  • college courses
  • apprenticeships 
  • part time jobs
  • interviews 
  • bursaries

Parents/Carers please feel free to get in contact, even if your young person is not ready to access careers support; it will be helpful to them if you have the information available to share. 

How to book an Adviza Careers Support Meeting 

Please email Ali Haynes at or phone 07464895993. 

We operate on a first come, first served basis.