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Curriculum @ Independence

Curriculum at Independence

Our curriculum is based around each learner and incorporates the following 6 learning areas:

In addition to Independence’s core curriculum, opportunities for extension and enrichment are also available in subjects such as food, driving theory, art and PE. Although homework is not compulsory it is always available and pupils are encouraged to take it home in order to develop their independent study skills and to help them make faster progress in their learning. 

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and their understanding of the core values of our society are woven through the curriculum. We have a strong focus on teaching British Values and our committed staff strive to enable students to achieve and develop into productive citizens of the future. To this end, and with the aim of developing work and life-skills, Independence places a great deal of importance on work experience placements which are proving very popular with students.  

Bespoke packages can include access to: Photography; Outdoor Academy; Auto skills; Community Furniture Project; Reading Football Club and Path Hill.

At Independence, we place a strong emphasis on supporting our young people’s mental health and well- being and have trained staff who are further supported by staff from Emotional Health Academy. In addition to this, iCollege has its own family support worker along with a qualified counsellor who can be accessed via referral.

In accordance with Gatsby Benchmarks, iCollege offers an extensive careers programme where students work closely with our Careers lead, along with Adviza to ensure that a smooth transition is made into their future career pathways.