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Curriculum Statement


 Curriculum Intention and Context

Our Vision

At iCollege, we aim to provide an inclusive education service which offers learners opportunities that at least equal or better those available in local mainstream schools, and members of staff with appropriate and sustained opportunities for professional development. iCollege recognises the value of each learner and member of staff as an individual and promotes an ethos of teamwork, where each is of equal worth. Therefore, tolerance, respect for others, flexibility and readiness to support and care for each other are of paramount importance. iCollege is an aspirational environment where expectations of all are high.

There are four under-pinning principles:

  • Achievement (progress and attainment) of learners
  • Outcomes: academic, social, emotional and physical
  • Holistic development of individuals

Successful transition post primary and post 16

We aim to provide a curriculum which offers:
  • the skills, knowledge and understanding to ensure academic success, encourage creativity and foster resilience; (reducing learned helplessness)
  • flexibility, inclusivity and offers continuity, coherence, progression and collaboration
  • spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepares all young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life;
  • a balanced, accessible and relevant range of learning experiences;
  • a learner-centred approach, using our knowledge and understanding of our young people - their strengths, interests and needs – to make the best possible personalised offer to them
  • the opportunities for our young people to develop as learners, such that they are confident and prepared for their next stage of education and/ or are able to develop and sustain positive, meaningful  and relevant post 16 destinations
  • the most up-to-date information, advice and guidance on opportunities available post 16
  • a therapeutic thinking approach
i-College designs it curriculum offer to support:
  • the skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT
  • creative approaches to motivate pupils to learn (high motivation/ low demand)
  • development in a range of subject areas
  • a comprehensive PSHE programme, including social and emotional wellbeing and resilience
  • reintegration through good links to the National Curriculum and mainstream school offer
  • enriched links with partners and external providers

As a result, our aim is that our learners demonstrate:

  • curiosity about their learning
  • creativity when approaching tasks
  • co-operation when faced with challenges
  • commitment to all areas of their learning
  • consistency in their approach to learning
  • resilience and determination when faced with challenges

Staff at iCollege are committed to supporting these values and ethos within a respectful environment where expectations of all are consistently high, systems are embedded and self-evaluation is the motivator for continued progress and development