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Inspiration KS1 & KS2

iCollege Inspiration is located at Foxglove Way, Thatcham RG18 4DH and provides short term education placements for KS1 & KS2 learners in West Berkshire who are struggling to access a mainstream provision. This includes learners who are looking for reintegration back to mainstream schooling following a permanent exclusion and those who have received an extended fixed term exclusion. Inspiration iCollege also offers an in-reach service to mainstream schools providing reactive provision to improve mainstream engagement or to support learners with Special Educational Needs transition to a specialist school placement.

INSPIRATION KS1 & 2 Foxglove Way, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG18 4DH, Tel: 01635 877114

Touchbase Quote

   We connect before we correct

   We stay curious not furious

   We believe in co-regulation that children regulate off adults

   We think ‘can’t’ not ‘won’t’

   We empathise when someone is flipping their lid

   We believe in restorative not punishment

   We believe that relationships buffer stress     

   And all of us need one another

   We’re with you

  • Overall effectiveness: Good, The quality of education: Good, Behaviour and attitudes: Good, Personal development: Good, Leadership and management: Good,

    OFSTED Inspection

  • Adults have created a calm, kind and nurturing atmosphere. They build warm and trusting relationships with pupils, who feel safe and comfortable as a result. Pupils want to please their teachers and are keen to succeed.

    OFSTED Inspection

  • One parent said: ‘My child is thriving and can finally see what he can achieve.’

    Parent View