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iCollege has a strong emphasis on independence counter-balanced with the student’s level of need or circumstances. We work towards the student being able to take responsibility for their learning and their behaviour with targets set to promote positive reward.

The Leading Teacher of the unit a student attends, along with any necessary input from the Inclusion Manager and Assistant Head of Learning, will oversee the programme of study for each student.

A wide range of teaching strategies are used across the iCollege to support our students with a variety of SEND,  advice is also taken from other professionals regarding the most effective strategies to employ for individual students.

The Family Information and Local Offer service offers brokerage to anyone who is having difficulty navigating the website or who does not have access to a computer. This includes (but is not limited to) assisted funding applications, assisted Directory searches for childcare provision, and/or assistance in finding holiday activities and camps. You can find more information on Local Offer | West Berkshire Directory

To access the iCollege Local Offer click on the link below:

 iCollege Alternative Education | West Berkshire Directory